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This photo of Adam & Steve was taken just before 7.00am. They were usually first up and often brought the rest of us tea or coffee in our sacks.

Victorious Football Team. And everyone of them a converted Evertonian. Kenya 4 Us 6.

Only 10 on the photo, someone had to be the camera man and the silver fox!

A done deal.. I have just agreed to for the gentleman to make the furniture for the school.

We shared our picnic lunch with these boys.

Their eyes were glazed and each had a plastic bottle containing glue.

Some keep their 6 pack in the fridge others take them everywhere!

This is the gentleman who after much negotiation allowed me to photograph him and invited me back to his house. He has lived in Kibera all his life. The houses in the picture are similar to the one he occupies. He has a second  pair of earrings similar to those he is wearing.

I mentioned Dundee earlier.. Here is the Crocodile bit.